Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 58- El Sol

El Sol was today's pick. And although I'm already biased against them I tried to be objective. This was my 3rd attempt to hit this place. First try was on a Friday at 10:05 PM. They had closed at 10. Then I tried a couple days ago, around 9:15 on a Tuesday. They close at 9 on weekdays. WTF, El Sol? Today I was determined. I stopped by around 8:30. And honestly it took all my effort to make the trip- I had just gotten a thorough ass kicking at Muay Thai class.
El Sol is a tiny little place that is more restaurant than taco shop, sporting only 5 tables. And speed is not their forte. Their California burrito was okay. Not great, barely even average I'd say. They use potato chunks instead of fries, with sour cream and pico. But it had a loose consistency, kind of like Liticker's. It was sort of falling apart and hard to handle. Almost like eating a Jell-O burrito.

The only real positive was that their carne asada was pretty tasty. But even that was a bit chewy, which I attribute to either overcooking or mad cow disease. Check on me in a couple of days, I guess.

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