Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 48- Liticker's

Today was the comedy competition in OB, so I was hoping to find a taco shop nearby. Although I think I've been to 5 or 6 there already. Not sure if any new ones remain. Luckily for me, Ana Barroso- friend of mine and manager of awesome SD comic Erik Martin- suggested Liticker's. That choice was seconded by musician Ryan Kimble, who led me to top-5 taco shop Nico's, so this was bound to be good.

Liticker's is a taco shop located inside a liquor store. Let me say that again- it's inside a liquor store. How fucking rad is that? That counts for a lot; they could probably serve me a plate of shit and it would be awesome. It's in a fucking LIQUOR STORE.
Fortunately for me, their California burrito is pretty tasty. They grill the carna asada in the pico, and it turns into this gravy-type substance. Loaded with cheese, guac, and sour... good stuff. Two drawbacks- the gravy-pico made it a fucking mess to eat (which was OK since I snuck it into South Beach Bar & Grill; no longer my mess to worry about). And it cost $8. For those reasons I can't give it a top-10 status, but c'mon- how often do you get to order a fresh cooked meal from a fucking liquor store???

Totally worth checking out for that reason alone. PS- I didn't advance in the competition. Because you didn't come vote for me. Thanks a lot, jerk.

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