Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 42- El Paisano

Tonight ended up being a quest. I am running out of new places to go, so I did a google search for taco shops in North Park. Google gave me Alberto's on El Cajon blvd, and off I went. But when I got there, it wasn't an Alberto's, it was Roberto's. The exact same one I just went to a few nights ago. Curse you, Google, you misled me! And you may also be a little racist.

So now on my own, I cruised down University past both another Roberto's and a Filiberto's. Just as my concern was growing that I might strike out, I stumbled upon El Paisano. A sketchy little shop, complete with bars on the windows, in a shady part of town just 2 doors down from a strip club, this place had "success" written all over it.

Their California burrito is under $5 and ready in about 3 minutes. Made with crispy fries, cheese, and pico, it's a pretty good burrito. Definitely better than a lot of the other ones I've had that were made similarly. No sour cream means this one isn't really amazing, but it is good and will probably hit the spot after a night of lap dances. Giving or receiving.

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