Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 49- Cotija's

Doing a comedy show in National City- where Russell Hicks fucking crushed, by the way- so before I went I did a quick Google search to find a taco shop nearby. My first choice was a place called Cesar's, but after the show when I went to find it, it wasn't there. Not sure if it was Google fucking me again, or an ambush set by the good people of National City.

So I headed of to my 2nd choice- Cotijan. Not to be confused with Cotixan. Holy shit, their California burrito is the bomb! Crispy, perfect fries, and all the fixin's. Daaaaaamn this burrito is fantastic. I might even rank it the new #1. And how could it not be good? Look how cool this place is:
It's like the taco shop version of that cool diner painting

So if you ever find yourself in National City, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself "What the fuck am I doing in National City?" Maybe you made some really bad life choices. Maybe you promised a friend you'd come to his comedy show. Whatever the reason, some form of unfortunate circumstance brought you here, so make the most of it. Get your ass over to Cotija's and get a California burrito.

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  1. Dude I can't believe that You've made it this far! Over half way is quite impressive! I don't think there is any food that I could eat for 90 days straight. My fave food is Sloppy Joes, but I would be sick of them after about 30 days. Go Dave-O Go, Do it 4 Michigan Brutha! How much weight have U gained since starting this Challenge?