Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 53- The Amigo Spot

Hard pressed for a good taco shop today. I was literally on the go from 8AM until 10PM. As I've seen the last few days, many of the remaining taco shops close at 10 (which is a travesty, by the way). As I was cruising along the 8 on my way home from the OB Street Fair I noticed a place in hotel circle called The Amigo Spot.

I had little hope for this place, as it looked like the set from a shitty lounge act sketch- think Bill Murray's Nick the Lounge Singer. Accompanied by cheesy music and a crowd whose average age had to be about 52, I grudgingly accepted this as Day 53 when I saw they actually had a California burrito on the menu.

Once inside, I was greeted with a sign that said "Closed- join us for breakfast!" I asked the bartender "Kitchen's closed, right?" He asked what I wanted to order, and even though the kitchen was closed he told me it would be no problem. A+ for service. I worked in restaurants for over a decade in every capacity- busser, server, bartender, cook- and if someone tried to order after closing my reaction was always "Go fuck yourself." In fact, that was my reaction if someone tried to order 5 minutes before closing. So kudos to these guys for hooking me up.

Sadly the burrito was less than stellar, due solely to somewhat chewy carne asada. Everything else was OK; they used pico, guac, and sour, and plenty of cheese. And they had fries, not potato wedges. So although I really appreciate their accommodating me, I can't recommend their Cali burrito.

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