Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 54- Antonio's

Went for the mid-day California burrito today, to avoid any last-minute craziness trying to find a place late Sunday night. The spot I wanted to try was- of course- closed on Sunday. Too bad, it looks promising: a stand alone, tiny brick shack oddly out of place in the middle of downtown. We'll get back to that one.

Since I was downtown anyway, I figured I'd just drive around looking. Didn't take long to find Antonio's on the corner of 6th and A, I think. It looked a little McCorporate, but I have to give them a chance, right?

I ordered my burrito and watched patiently, sipping Orange Bang (hello, diabetes) as the cook whipped it up. The view was partially obstructed by the counter, but I swear to God he made a burrito with carne asada, pico, guac, fries, and cheese... and then made another one without the pico or guac, and that's the one they gave me. And nobody else was in the restaurant. I was a bit too dumbfounded to question them, so I just went on my way.

It was pretty good, though. The carne was a bit dry, but still pretty tasty. If you added guac and/or sour this would probably be a pretty damn good California burrito. See you jerks tomorrow.

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