Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 52- La Herradura

Interesting night in the world of San Diego taco shops. After an amazing performance from comic Jeff Bilodeau, I knew exactly where I was headed for tonight's California burrito. I had driven past a place on El Cajon Blvd the other night, so no chance of Google screwing up my plans- especially after last night's debacle of shops being closed at a ridiculous hour, or just not existing.

Imagine my chagrin (thanks, junior high vocabulary) when I drive by the place and it's fucking CLOSED. AT 9:15 on a fucking Friday! For realz??? This is ridiculous. Backup plan: a place right across the street from last night's spot. La Herradura. Once I got there, I was actually a little nervous- their logo is a horse's head. Potentially bad sign.

I order their Cali burrito, and notice the sign proclaiming their trademark 20" super burrito.
There are also pictures on the wall of people who have taken the Super Burrito challenge; although nowhere does it say the nature of the challenge. It seems to be simply eat it as fast as possible. This could be the challenge I've been training for.
Anyway, their Cali burrito is just... bland. The carne asada is good, but the pico is plain, the fries are flavorless, they don't use guac or sour. It's just kind of sad and soul-less. I actually think that's worse than a bad Cali burrito. At least a bad one tries and fails. This one doesn't even really try. It's like seeing a 19-year-old stripper: you never even gave the world a chance to chew you up and spit you out. You just gave up.

I've been really puzzled by all the shops I've seen closed early lately. I was especially shocked to see the place I went to last night, right across the street, closed as well. 9:30 on a Friday? They were open at 11 last night, what the hell? I walked across the street to see what was going on and there was a sign in the window displaying their hours: 10PM-2:30AM.

Now THAT is legit. If only their food was better, it might be my new favorite place.

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