Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 47- Cotixan

Getting logistically more difficult to maintain B90X the way it was intended. Today I hit up Cotixan near Sports Arena (and I'm already stressing over where I'm going tomorrow). It's more of a chain restaurant, and it definitely looks it. Kind of worrisome that it's not a very "authentic" looking taco shop.
And sure enough it was a bit disappointing. Which is a shame because they definitely have the best fries of any taco shop so far. Their fries are crisper than a hundred dollar bill in a Ludacris video. Day-ummm! Their pico is kind of weak too- the tomatoes they used are way under-ripe, could just be a bad batch. But even if the pico was good, they don't use any guac or sour. Far too many taco shops are doing that. Obviously I could tell them to add it, but that shit belongs on there. To serve a California burrito without at least one of those is un-American. Or at the very least un-Californian.

I was going to give them points for coolest mascot, but the more I looked at him the creepier he seemed. What the fuck is he holding in his left hand? As the wise neighbor, Lawrence, once said "Watch out for your cornhole, bud"

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