Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 55- Fuck Adam Wolpe

Today was a repeat. But I had no choice- I walked into OBC to see some amazing comics perform, when I was accosted by local comic Adam Wolpe. He said I had steered him wrong, that my ranking of Nico's as best California burrito in town was wildly inappropriate. He actually said Nico's California burrito "is so shitty."

Gauntlet thrown down and accepted. I have to defend not only Nico's, but my own reputation as a California burrito connoisseur. After getting the OK from SD comic Kim Thompson to do a repeat on Nico's, I walked a block down the street and placed my order. Under $5 and ready in less than 3 minutes; I like the way this is starting out.

One bite and I knew that Wolpe must have recently suffered a closed head injury. This burrito is fantastic. Certainly I've had a couple that are better in the last 2 months, but Nico's is solid top-5 material. They set the standard for excellent fries.

Having vindicated myself (and being reassured of Nico's high ranking by comic Rene Lancaster, as well as Amanda Spicer, wife if legendary SoCal comic Christian Spicer) I let Wolpe know he was either just plain wrong, or borderline retarded. Game, set, and match.

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