Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 43- Humberto's

Even though Google screwed me yesterday, I find myself still relying on it to help me find new taco shops as my options dwindle. Today I did a search for one in the Hillcrest area, and one of the results was a place in Golden Hill. Why not?

Humberto's (assuming I wasn't getting F'ed in the A by Google again) was tonight's destination. Located in a neighborhood of questionable character, accompanied by a homeless man holding a "starving, please help" sign right outside their door, this spot immediately looked like a jackpot. Added bonus- yet another shop where the dining room is separated from the functional side of the restaurant by security bars. Nice touch. That's becoming a favorite element of mine; it usually indicates quality food, not sure why though.

They're a bit slow, but their California burrito is fucking awesome. Possibly the best fries of any I've had yet, delicious carne asada, tasty pico. Sadly, no guac or sour (yet again- a disturbing trend). But even without either of those 2 ingredients, Humberto's is near the top of the list. Check them out fo' sho.

I was honestly going to split my Cali burrito with the homeless guy, but by the time I was served he had left. I imagined him strolling sullenly down the side of the road, with the sad walking-away piano music from The Hulk playing in the background. Godspeed, Dr Banner.

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