Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It happened again...

Damn you Jeff Bilodeau. This was supposed to be my first day clean and sober, kicking the habit, getting that damn monkey off my back. That delicious monkey. But Jeff wouldn't let me. He told me I can't stop now. And fuck if he wasn't right.

I stopped at a place on the way home, a place I'd been to before. A place I remember having liked. Or at least thought was decent. Saguaro's on 30th in North Park. I'd been here somewhere in my first 20 days or so I think.

They serve their California burrito with pico only, but now that I was no longer bound by the pointless rules of my own make-believe program I was free to make changes. Put some sour cream on that bitch, amiga!

The addition of sour, plus the .35¢ fee for using a credit card had jacked the price of my precious to $7. On top of that, I had forgotten they use potato chunks, not fries. It was a bit of a letdown. I can't let it end on a down note, not after all the effort I put into it. Besides, I'm kind of afraid to quit now. I think my body's grown dependent on them.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This evening I found myself near SDSU. And if you've been paying attention you know that one of the best California burritos ever is nearby, at a shop called Trujillo's. What kind of Californian would I be if I didn't stop and get one?

To my complete lack of surprise, it was motherfucking delicious. They don't even use guac or sour- which if I had remembered I would have requested. Just pico. And it's STILL a top 5 Cali burrito, if not the best.

What's that? The color on that photo is a bit off, making the Orange Bang appear pink in color? Well that's because it is pink! That's right, Strawberry Bang, bitches! Some things are not meant to be strawberry flavored- I'm talking to you, Quik bunny- but this is effing amazing. It's no Orange Bang, but it's freaking tasty. Well done, beverage scientists, you continue to impress me.

Now that the pressure of constantly finding new places is off I can just relax and enjoy the food. Hit me up if you want to go on a burrito run.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 90- the circle is complete

Final day. I can't believe I actually made it through. And I really can't believe that I still find California burritos as delicious as the first day I had one. How's that for dedication?

I had a lot of options for day 90. I still had a long list of places I hadn't hit yet. Two in PB, 4 or 5 down south, some north county inland. Not only that, but earlier tonight my fellow comic Damien Pruitt looked up "taco shops" in San Diego on Yelp and got 405 results. Clearly there's still a shit-ton of places for me to try. So what would be a fitting end to this journey? With so many choices, there's really only one that makes sense.
El Zarape. Bring it back full circle to the place that started it all. Not only is it the only choice that makes sense, it also gives me a chance to really compare El Zarape's California burrito to everything else I've tried. As the first one I ever had, I had no frame of reference. No California burrito barometer to really judge it against. And days 2 and 3 were underwhelming, so El Zarape seemed even more amazing by that comparison. I had to see if it truly held up.

Accompanying me on the swan song of my odyssey were comics Rajan Dharni and Jasyn Brackett. We just left another great show at Live Comedy Live and were mere yards away from where it all began. I ordered my California burrito and took the exact same seat, at the same table, from Day 1. Holy shit was it delicious. They serve it with everything... and it is awesome. I would definitely call it a Top 10.

I guess I was pretty lucky that I had started here. If I had my first Cali burrito at a crappy place B90X may never have been born. And my colon would have thanked me. But El Zarape and their delicious food of the Gods set the wheels in motion on an amazing adventure that has touched the lives of many people. Or at least a few. One? Whatever, it's been fun. Thanks for tagging along.