Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 83- Alanberto's

Another taco shop brought to you by the Google-powered 'taco shop quest.' I was headed for a late-night California burrito at a place near college area called Gualberto's, but I guess those sissies close before 1AM.

I ended up a couple blocks down the road at Alanberto's. And by the way- how many fucking"-bertos" are there in this town? I would think they'd run out of variations, but not so.

The California burrito here is good. It's cheap, which always helps, and relatively quick. I was all set to write about this pace being slow as fuck, since I sat in the drive through for about 18 minutes. But it seems that delay was caused by the guy 2 cars ahead of me. I don't know what the hell he ordered, but once he was gone with his dolphin burrito or whatever, the car in front of me and myself got in and out of there like... I don't know, something fast.

So, not a great California burrito, but it'll work.

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