Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 75- Nolberto's

SD comic Dewey Bratcher gave me a brilliant idea, but it's a couple months too late. I should've made B90X a charity event! Dammit, Dewey, where were you 2 months ago! People sponsor me, like, 10¢ per burrito I eat. Then I could donate it to charity. Or at least to pay for my doctor bills when I'm done with this.

I still love the California burrito. Well, the good ones at least. But I haven't been finding a ton of good ones lately. And it's becoming a grind finding new places every day, fitting them into my schedule, and updating this stupid blog. I think maybe 3 people read this. So if you're one of those 3, let me know. Post a comment on FB or something.

Anyway, I picked Nolberto's for today's California burrito. Chase Brockett, legendary local comic, informed me that Nolberto's isn't a real name in any language. He may be right; I think it's just another variation on the "-berto's" theme in taco shop names. I don't know why that's so popular. I probably could've done 90 "berto's" shops.

But anyway, back to Chase's assertion. I have to agree with him on the name, because their Cali burrito is not very good either. So-so carne asada, decent fries, minimal cheese, and only sour cream. I'm going to give this one a "pass."

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