Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 65- Porkyland

Yes, Porkyland. I know it sounds like a porn spoof of Zombieland, but their California burrito is surprisingly good. I wasn't expecting much at all, it seems like such a generic, cookie-cutter, soulless chain. I went in preparing for mediocrity. Mr Spock, set expectations to "low."

I mean, what the hell kind of name is Porkyland for a taco shop? Is that racist?

Although a bit pricey at $7, their California burrito is pretty tasty. They have hands-down the crispiest fries of any place ever. So crispy it's like chewing on egg shells. But much more delicious. And they serve it loaded, which is always a plus. Good proportions on the toppings too. The downside, other than the price, is the somewhat chewy carna asada, and the flimsy tortilla. Almost as bad as the one for the Miramar Dump.

Not a bad burrito at all if you find yourself near a Porkyland. But there are definitely better ones nearby.

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