Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 64- JJ's

This was a place I had been trying to hit for a few weeks now. But they keep odd hours, hampering my ability to patronize their establishment. So today I made sure to fit them into my schedule.

Lots of promising aspects here- a slightly shady part of town, obviously independent, and very tiny. Like, extremely. The whole shop consists of the kitchen, and a counter with 3 stools. When the cook went to step outside, I had to get out of the shop entirely so he had room to walk out the door. Plus, their California burrito is $5 even. That's a score.
Their California burrito was pretty good. I can't really compare it to the other 63 I've had though. They make theirs with sour cream and salsa. And by "salsa" they mean hot sauce. This is the only shop that serves it with hot sauce in the burrito. I'm not a hot sauce guy, so I haven't had one like this before. But it was tasty. One negative is that they use flimsy tortillas that fall apart, making it a messy meal. But I'd recommend them if you're in the area and you enjoy hot sauce.

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