Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 82- Hard Rock Cafe

*Apologies to Jiavani Linayao, whose outrage at my shitty choice of taco shops is justified by her admission that her 3 favorite places are Lucha Libre, El Zarape, and Livingston's. ;) *

Yeah, that's right- Hard Rock Cafe. I was meeting a bunch of friends after the last day of Comicon, and this is where we met. I had intended to not eat and just grab a burrito after, but then the server came over and gave us his spiel.

He said that Hard Rock had invented a California burrito burger, and that it was pattented or copyrighted or exclusive, something to that effect. He also claimed it's either the most popular or best selling burger in the country. I'm paraphrasing but that is, no shit, what he said. I would guess he's never heard of this place called Mc-something or other. They have this burger called a Big Mac, which- while probably not great- I'm fairly certain is more popluar and better selling than anything else on Earth.The burger was OK. Not that great, barely good even. It's served loaded, but they use some kind of weird seasoning on the burger patty. The flavor is just odd. The California burrito is basically an Americanization of a Mexican dish, and this burger is the Americanization of an Americanization. It's a weird, unnecessary alteration, liked colorized movies. If you're at a Hard Rock, I'd almost suggest ordering it just for the WTF factor.

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