Saturday, July 2, 2011

California Burrito PSA: Adam Wolpe cannot be trusted

You may remember Adam from a few days ago. He not only questioned Nico's placement near the top of the California burrito list, he went so far as to say they were garbage.

Last night at OBC, he suggested a new taco shop for me. Now to be fair, he was the one who recommended the taco shop that was actually named California Burrito (day 17), so I was willing to hear his suggestion.

Adam: "It's a place in Mission Hills called Taco Shop."
Me: "Taco Shop? Really? That sounds so generic."
Adam: "No, they're amazing. You have to try the salsa there- it's the best ever."
Me: "I'll try their burrito. This isn't called Salsa90X."

About 10 minutes later, he finds me again-

Adam: "I think that place might actually be called Lucha Libre."
Me: "..."

Not only are those 2 names not even close, I already had Lucha Libre. On Day 3. I'm beginning to worry about Adam. He's a great comic, and an even better dresser, but his taste in California burritos is suspect. With such clearly poor judgment, it makes me wonder how he gets by in day-to-day life without falling into an open drainage ditch, or running himself over with his car. I feel like we need to keep an eye on him. Or at the very least make him wear a helmet wherever he goes.

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