Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 67- Los Pinos

Nothing like a California burrito after a long Saturday at work. Google and I still have a dubious relationship when it comes to finding taco shops. There have been a few occasions when Google has completely misled me, giving me directions to a taco shop only to discover that it no longer exists. Then there are slightly less spiteful interactions, such as today's.

I found a place a few miles East called Salazar's. At this point, as long as it's a shop I haven't been to before I will give it a go. When I arrived, however, I found that it was not called Salazar's- it was called Los Pinos. Pretty sneaky, Google, but your clever ruse isn't derailing me today.

Los Pinos is a nice little shop, and their California burrito is probably one of the better ones I've had recently. Not top 10, though. It was ready fast, probably under 3 minutes, and they only use guac. Their carna asada is good, their tortilla is much more durable than most of my recent fare. Good, but not outstanding. And they are cash-only, which can be a hassle. Los Pinos does have one cool thing going for them- their drive through is literally just a window on the side of the building that you pull up to, place your order, and receive your food. About as low-tech as you can possibly get. Nice touch.

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