Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 79- Bravo's

Today begins Comicon, the main reason that I fell so far behind on this blog. After a full day of nerd vacation, I took my friend Jesse- who was visiting from LA- to try a California burrito. For some reason this is really just a San Diego thing. I have several friends in LA who say they can't find one anywhere. Add that to the list "Reasons San Diego is fucking awesome."

This was a classic taco shop: cheap, fast, and located in a shady neighborhood. While we were waiting for our food, two cop cars went screaming past in full pursuit of something. No idea where they were headed but they were on a mission.

Their California burrito was a bit of a letdown, though. They serve it with pico only, and the carne asada is kind of dry. Onward we go.

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