Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 81- Mr Burro

A shop I stumbled upon during a now-routine taco shop quest. I'll find a place via Google, and when I get there it either doesn't exist or it's closed at some retarded hour. Don't tell Jane Lynch I said that.

Mr Burro is in the same plaza as McGregor's, which if you haven't been there is an awesome bar. They were just getting ready to close when I arrived, but were happy to fix me up with a California burrito. You can get it regular for $5, or deluxe for $7, which is what I got. I prefer it loaded if given a choice.
A $7 burrito had better be pretty effing good. Like, cupping the balls good. That's setting the bar high, and usually setting yourself up for failure. Their California burrito was tasty, but not worth that price. It was loosely wrapped, making it hard to eat, and the carne asada was a bit chewy. So not a bad burrito, but there's definitely better for cheaper.

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