Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 62- La Casa de Emiliano. And freedom.

Fourth of July. What better way to celebrate freedom than blowing shit up and having a California burrito? I thought today would be difficult because of the holiday, but I had no trouble this time.

I went to one of the shops that were closed last night- La Casa de Emiliano. I honestly didn't expect much because this place is in a strip mall. Not a Clairemont-type strip mall (think Warren, for all my Michigan peeps), which would be more acceptable. This was a really clean, modern, upscale strip mall. So the deck was stacked against them.

But their California burrito was surprisingly good. Sour cream and pico, no guac, and damn good fries. The pico tasted a little... off... somehow. But overall a good burrito. Worth checking out. I also give them credit for not kicking me out of the shop, as I had just come from an ass-kickingly rough Muay Thai class, and I looked more like a crazed homeless guy than a burrito aficionado.

Would you serve a burrito to this man?

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