Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 61- Vallarta Express

Sundays are becoming more and more of a struggle. I usually go on my California burrito hunt later in the day, and lots of places are either closed already or not even open Sunday. This particular day, I was burrito questing around 8:30PM on my way to comic legend Dallas McLaughlin's epic Blarney Stone show.

I went by 3 different taco shops on the way, all of which were closed. Curses! I hate driving blind looking for places. But it seems today was my lucky day. Within 2 blocks of the Blarney Stone, I happened upon a stand-alone drive through called Vallarta Express. Open 24 hours, in fact.
It was a tiny place, with barely enough room inside for customers to stand and order their food. In fact, it was about the size of a large walk-in closet; the guy in the kitchen could literally stand in one spot and operate all facets of the taco shop by just turning in different directions.

Tiny shops like this tend to be better quality for some reason, not sure why. But that's not an across-the-board rule. And having "Express" in the name usually correlates with a drop in quality. Vallarta's was OK- they serve it loaded with all 3 toppings- but mine had a bit too much sour cream, and the carne adsada was a bit tough. Not unexpected for late on a Sunday night, but I was hoping for better. Not horrible, but not that good.

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