Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 73- Mexican Fiesta

This is a small brick shack downtown that just seems so out of place, surrounded by huge, shiny skyscrapers. I've tried to go there before, but they seem to keep odd hours. Luckily today I caught them when they're open.
The set-up is interesting. There's a tiny window that you order through, and then another tiny window that you get your food from. It almost seems like a converted crackhouse. Or maybe like the taco shop version of the house from Up. An old placed that somehow stuck around while shit was built up all around it. In fact, I would love to see Mexican Fiesta sprout 100,000 balloons and float through the city. That would be epic! In fact, they could be throwing down California burritos as they drift along, like some kind of bizarro Mardi Gras float that uses food instead of beads. Burritos and tits... not a bad idea.

Let's rein this in a bit, that was 3 crazy tangents in one paragraph. Their California burrito is cheap and fast, and it's good. But it's not as good as most I've had. Their carne asada is effing amazing, and they have really good tortillas, but the cheese is pretty light, and they serve it with just pico. If this was loaded it would be damn good, but as it is it's just OK.

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