Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 68- Valencia's

Wow. It's been a while since I've had a bad California burrito. And I don't mean a sub-standard, not-as-good-as-most California burrito. But legit bad.

On my way to OB, I figured I'd drive down Morena and just find a taco shop. I haven't really been in this neighborhood much, I was sure I'd find something. What I found was Valencia's. It looked like a decent place. Not too fancy, fairly deserted except for 4 kids watching the soccer game on the TV. Sadly, Valencia's was a huge letdown.

I hate to call a California burrito bad, because it's a California burrito. A near-perfect food. But damn, this one was pretty bad. They did almost everything wrong- the carne asada was kind of gamy. They used way too much pico; the first two bites were all tomato. It may as well have been a veggie burrito at that point. They used potato chunks instead of fries (undercooked, by the way).

I should have known I was in for a bad meal when I placed my order.

Me: "Can I get a California burrito?"
dude: "Yeah. You want it regular, or with everything?"
Me" "What's your version of regular?"
dude: "Meat, cheese, fries, and pico. Everything is with guac or sour cream."
Me: "Oh, then I'll have it with everything."
dude: "OK. So did you want guac? Or sour cream?"

Yeah, so apparently 'everything' means a choice of one other topping. Also, when I ordered an Orange Bang- which was in the drink dispenser behind the counter- he gave me the cup to pour it myself. I had to reach over the counter and around the pop machine to pour my own drink. I tipped myself a dollar, in case you were wondering.

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