Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 70- Harvest

I'll admit, Harvest doesn't sound like a promising name for a taco shop. I found it in Clairemont, about a half mile from the Comedy Palace. It was kind of run down, which is a good sign. Well, not so much run down as past it's prime. It had the look of a place that was the bomb back in the late 80's when it probably first opened, but then kind of stagnated as the world sort of progressed around it, desperately clinging to its past glory. Sort of like when movie theaters first came out with cup holders, and everyone was all "Holy shit, that's awesome!!!" But then stadium seating came along, and now those sad old theaters that used to be the peak of greatness are just shitty old theaters that have cup holders.

Anyway, Harvest was actually pretty good. They serve their California burrito with pico and sour. The carne asada is really tasty, a bit on the salty side though. The fries are good, the cheese is plentiful. As far as Cali burritos go, this one is definitely recommendable. It may not be the greatest one out there, but it won't disappoint you. No matter what Adam Wolpe says.

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