Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lucky Number 13- Cotixan (Mira Mesa)

I had the day off work, and fellow comic David Novin offered to meet me for a California burrito lunch. I opted for Cotixan, the infamous double drive thru in Mira Mesa. A classic taco shop with a drive through on each side of the tiny building, both of which always seemed to have cars lined up. Traffic like that has got to be a good endorsement.

David warned me their guac isn't the best, but one of my senseless, self-imposed, arbitrary rules on this journey of self-destruction is "no alterations." The service was pretty damn quick. In fact he ordered carne asada fries before I ordered my burrito, and mine was ready first. A good sign according to my scorecard. It was a tasty California burrito. Better than Rudy's, better than a lot of others if only for the fact that they used fries. The fries weren't quite crispy enough, but they were good. Not a great burrito though, because there was no guac or sour cream, and they went a bit heavy on the pico de gallo. But definitely recommendable.

How do you follow a good burrito lunch? With an awesome matinee movie. Fast Five was everything I hoped it would be... fucking amazing! It was like Ocean's Eleven, but with cars and lots of punching people in the face.

Later on in the day, I realized I had made a huge mistake with today's burrito: I ate it too damn early. By 9PM I was craving another one like they were made out of crack. And to make matters worse, I was a block away from Nico's, the reigning champion. No way I could handle two in one day, though. Especially since the ever-present feeling of being about to puke at any moment was finally fading after almost almost a week. Lesson learned: B90X is a dinner-or-later activity.

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