Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 20- Casa Adams

Four days without a California burrito... I hope I never have to suffer that Hell again. I was in Mexico for a friend's wedding so the break was unavoidable, and I'm not about to change the name of this thing to P86X. I actually didn't even mind not having one while I was gone. Until we landed back in San Diego last night around 10PM- instantly started jonesing for one. Late night on a Sunday is not the easiest time to get a California burrito fix, though. Especially when a full day of travel has sapped most of your energy. Maybe lack of Cali burritos is responsible for my lethargy. They've become the spinach to my Popeye.

I hit up Casa Adams in Normal Heights. I'd driven past it several times, and although nobody has recommended it I thought it deserved a shot. Once inside, I sensed trouble. The place looked too legit. Too classy. Too much like... a restaurant. And that should have been fair enough warning. They hit on some of the really important stuff: guac, sour cream, and salsa, actual french fries, and tasty carne adsada. But they had too many shortcomings: at $7 I think it's the most expensive one yet, it took over 5 minutes, served in a styrofoam box, wrapped rather loosely, and worst of all- no cheese! W! T! F!!!It's like a Brian Adams cover of a Rolling Stones song- technically it might be correct, but it's got no fucking heart.

Casa Adams- pass. Not a bad California burrito, but why settle when there are so many good places in town?

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