Tuesday, May 31, 2011

28 Days Later- La Posta

A tiny, tiny little taco shop on the corner of Washington and 3rd in Hillcrest's famed Burrito District. A mere block away from Los Panchos (day 9, I think), a block from El Cuervo and a couple blocks from MXN (both of which are still on the list). The burrito gauntlet in Hillcrest appears to be as formidable as that of OB. Anyway, my buddy and former co-worker Josh Adams recommended La Posta to me and agreed to meet me there for today's festivities. Because even 4 weeks in, it's still a damn party.

The ambiance of this little taco shack suggested we were in for a treat. The order hole is barely large enough to serve food through. Classy! I was a little concerned by the wait, though. Generally speaking, a long wait means a subpar burrito. But as we saw yesterday, these standards aren't always true.

Our California burritos were fantastic. They had perfect fries, great carne asada, guac, pico... the only thing missing was sour cream. And as I said, I feel like that's the most important of the 3 variables in the Cali burrito equation; leaving it out is a mistake. If they served it with sour cream this would probably be top-3. Delicious, nonetheless.

Still getting more recommendations than I can keep up with, and I love that everyone is stoked to hear what I think of their pick. But don't be offended if I don't rank your favorite place very highly- remember, I'm just some asshole with a high metabolism and too much free time on his hands.

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