Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 25- Don Carlos

The last few days have been a struggle. Not because I'm burning out on California burritos, but because things have been so hectic that it's been tough to make time to find new spots. That's all changing this weekend though- I'm off work until Wednesday!

Since I was heading to La Jolla to perform at a comedy show, I decided to hit up a place that was recommended to me by San Diego funny man Paul Hermann- a taco shop called Don Carlos a block away from the Comedy Store. I had tried to go there once before but they had already closed.

That wasn't a problem this time. But I ran into a different problem: the place is too fucking popular. I had to wait almost 10 minutes to place my order. Not a big deal, especially since much of the delay was caused by ignorant tourists not knowing what they're doing. Stupid 'zonies. But after ordering it was another 15 minute wait to get my precious (read that in a Gollum voice). Their Cali burrito was outstanding- everything but guac, thick french fries, perfect proportion of ingredients- but I don't think it's worth a 25 minute wait. If you're in the area and the line's not too long, definitely give them a shot.

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