Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 27- Ortega's

Jesse Egan you magnificent bastard. I was in OB for the 3rd Annual Ocean Beach Comedy competition so I figured it makes sense to check out another place there. To be honest, I was underwhelmed by Jesse's last suggestion, Rancho's (Day 24, I think), but he's a fucking OB legend so I had to give him another shot.

The choice tonight was Ortega's, and it didn't look good from the outset. A clean, quiet sit-down restaurant. Would Jesse go 0-2? Only one way to find out. I ordered their California burrito and sat at the bar to wait. $7 for it, another bad sign. As I waited, San Diego comic Dirtfoot strolled in for some dinner of his own. He had just advanced in the contest and was having a celebratory meal. Mine was ready in just a few minutes so I headed out, intent on eating it during the 8-minute ride to Live Comedy Live, a free comedy show every Monday held by local comics Christian Spicer and Rajan Dharni.

Holy shit that burrito was freaking awesome! Incredible carne asada, near-perfect fries, and loaded with all the extras. Dee-effing-licious. It's right up there with Nico's for sure. So if you're keeping track, because I'm not really, the best ones so far are Nico's, Ortega's, Don Carlos', and aside from the integrity of the tortilla, the Miramar Landfill roach coach.

I'm actually surprised myself that I'm still enjoying these. The craving just keeps getting stronger, like I'm some sort of non-sparkly California burrito vampire; I must feed on them.

Did that just get weird? Whatev... see you tomorrow.

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