Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 16- Saguaro's

I can't believe I still have the momentum to keep going with this. Anyway, today's California burrito is brought to you by the wonderful people at Saguaro's in North Park. It was a wild card pick, as I was at the North Park Festival of Arts with fellow comic Jiavani Lanayao, who also happens to be responsible for my love of California burritos, if not the actual binge itself. She spotted the shop as we were walking, so it became today's choice. I realize that last time I had my burrito for lunch it led to problems later in the day when I was craving another one, but I decided to roll the dice.

Their burrito was really good. It met most of the criteria I have set: under $5, ready in less than 3 minutes, no separation of ingredients, and real french fries. Crispy ones too. But again, it wasn't great. Saguaro's makes theirs with the requisite carne asada, fries, and cheese. Once a California burrito reaches this stage, you'll find a lot of variance in production: guac, sour cream, and pico de gallo may or may not be present in varying combinations. Saguaro's does just pico de gallo. I find that the best ones have at least guac, and usually sour cream.

Incidentally, the festival was all kinds of fun. Good music, lots of eats, and cool art. Not to mention we spotted local comic and national headliner Matt Zint, and OBC favorite Kim Thompson. Onward we go.

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