Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 24- Rancho's

I think I'm going to puke. Which is basically B90X for "Holy shit that was a good burrito." Checked out another spot in OB tonight at the recommendation of local comedy legend Jesse Egan. He directed me to Rancho's on Sunset Cliffs just past Niagara. It's billed as a vegetarian place, which I found odd.

What the fuck is Vegan Chicken? Anyway, this place was very much a restaurant, not a taco shop. They don't have California burritos on the menu; the server said he'd just add potatoes to a carne asada burrito. And it cost $8!!! Normally that's 3 strikes. But Jesse is awesome- his word goes a long way. So I figured I'd let those transgressions slide.

He was right- the burrito was pretty damn good. Great carne asada, nicely rolled in a sturdy tortilla... good stuff. Gotta say, though, the potato chunks are less appealing to me than fries. Personal preference, sure, but to me potato chunks can overpower the flavor of everything else. Fries are more subtle and complementary to the burrito as a whole. That's right, I'm getting all fancy now. Good stuff, but I wouldn't Top-10 this one.

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